• At present, LD is in the phase of strategic transformation based on technologies, businesses and service innovation, and its products are becoming more and more sophisticated and technology-based. For the value chain of the industry, LD carries out innovation after its absorption of those imported as well as indigenous innovation, and is shifting its focus to key components and software; for the pattern of the industry, LD places emphasis on streamlined and technology-based products through independent innovation and by seeking strategic cooperation; for business model, LD shifts focus to the service supply and content supply by business model innovation and strategic alliance.        

    According to the outline of the state’s “12th Five-year” Plan, the flat panel display industry and related auxiliary equipment have been enlisted as the focus industry in the future development. LD has integrated its unique merits in the industry when responding to the macro industry policy of China. In June 2012, LD established its “Research and Development Centre of Displayer Automatic Equipment Engineering Technology in Shenzhen”, a high-tech research and development institution approved and supported by Shenzhen Municipal Government, which is also a hub of senior technician talents as well as an international research and development team comprising of dozens of experts and senior engineers in the industry.  

    In a short period of three to five years, LD has completed its development transformation from a “standard customized manufacturer” to a “solution supplier”. It has fully grasped the accurate automatic control technology, machine visual technology, accurate driving technology, constant temperature heating technology, pulse heating technology, roller bonding, laminating bonding, vacuum bonding, glue bonding and other core technologies. From 2010 to 2012, LD had successively independently researched and developed first-grade process equipment which are both domestically leading and internationally advanced and have received praise and recognition from clients in the industry, such as automatic polarizer attachment machine, full-automatic FOG, full-automatic module assembling machine, blacklight assembling machine, engraving machine, soft-to-hard laminator and glue laminating machine.

    LD invests heavily in the research and development of technologies, which is one of the strong signals that domestic full-automatic equipment manufacturers are determined to get rid of pure price war in market, to avoid the homogenization of products and technologies, and to shift focus to improve the Independent intellectual property rights.