• With the constant upgrading and updating of almost all smart display terminals and platforms including smart mobile communication, flat panel computers, ultrabooks and automobiles, the intelligent display device manufacturing industry also experiences a growth of both supply and demand, resulting in the formation of an industrial cluster in ultra-large size.

    As a waving flag of the domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry, Shenzhen LD Automatic Equipment Company Limited by Shares (“LD” below) is a leading business group with proprietary intellectual property rights and continuously optimized products in the core field of advanced intelligent display devices. It is marching forward in the direction of leading the industry and in its enterprise vision to become a leading enterprise in the field of world-class industrial automated equipment manufacturing.

    LD now is a vice-president unit of Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association as well as a domestic leading enterprise in the field of the research, development and manufacturing of auxiliary equipment and non-standard automated equipment for each of LCM, OLED and CTP. Save for the above, it is also an excellent manufacturer of intelligent display production of advanced equipment. LD was established in 2002, whose predecessor was LD Automated Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory established in Baoan District, Shenzhen in 1998 and focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of professional equipment in the LCD field. In 2012, LD completed its shareholding reform and commenced to embark on the high-speed track of joint-stock collectivization development.

    LD is headquartered in Shenzhen with registered capital of over RMB71.0 million, and its three subsidiaries are LD Shanghai, LD Hengyang and LP Suzhou. LD owns large gantry machining centre , flat grinder for large gantry, advanced laser cutting machine, CNC numerical control processing and other various types of production and processing equipment. In its development course, LD always treats the corporate development as the first driving force, constantly seeks to deepen its research and development and continues to improve its capacity of independent innovation. Besides, it has also recruited a large group of scientific research, production, management and marketing elites and has thus embarked on the innovation road featured by “China’s national enterprise”, an enterprise that is growing bigger and becoming stronger.       
    Over several years, LD has deepened strategic cooperation with world-class clients, such as Huawei, Tianma Micro-electronics, BOE, Foxcom, Yecheng Technology, Truly, O-film, Sharp, Kyocera, Omron, and China Southern Glass, and has won applauds from clients and respect from the industry by virtue of its superior quality and quality services. In terms of technical merits, quality of equipment or market presence, LD not only outperforms domestic competitors, but also keeps abreast with international peers.  

    In 2005, LD successfully passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification; in 2007, LD passed the certification as a high-tech enterprise Shenzhen; in 2008, LD was awarded the “Shenzhen 2007 technological innovation award”; in December 2009, LD passed ISO9001: LD passed the 2008 quality management system certification and was successfully incorporated into ERP management system; in 2011, LD passed the state high-tech enterprise certification. In 2012 LD invested RMB13.0 million for the establishment of “Research and Development Centre of Displayer Automatic Equipment Engineering Technology in Shenzhen” and was therefore granted governmental special fund. In 2013, LD was enlisted in the top 50 private enterprises in Longhua New District of Shenzhen and credited as one of the “Top Ten Most Influential Innovation Enterprises in China’s Touch Screen Industry” in the same year.   

    At a good point and with favorable conditions and support of the people, LD firmly believes that at the new historical starting point, continuing to expand and deepen the corporate culture idea of “people foremost”, keeping a foothold in the field of the constant and fast-developing LCD and TP industrialized auxiliary equipment manufacturing, LD are advancing triumphantly towards its ambitious goal of “building a leading research, development and manufacturing enterprise in the field of the world-class LCD and TP” by leveraging on its indigenous and innovative core technologies, sound industrial base and leading market position.