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Text of the speech given at the “1st LD Quality Month” meeting in Nov. 2013
All fellows:
Right at the moment in this sultry autumn and cloudless sky, here we stay together. Good morning, everybody!
Today, we hold a grand rally here to reflect the quality management work we did in the past and to improve our own quality and raise our sense of quality. It is the “1st LD Quality Month” activity for all of you. As an old saying goes, when a workman wishes to get his work well done, he must have his tools sharpened first. In order to constantly enhance our product quality and to sharpen our competitive edge, we have to do right from our start, strengthen our sense of quality crisis, regulate our operational approaches, and stick to our process operating rules in the product realization course. Inspired by the quality slogan of “to keep quality in mind, to build our strong enterprise blueprint” being suspended before us, I associate another old saying of “cover large distances in small steps”. We have well formulated our standard production and quality codes, which, if we aside and ignore them or do not seriously implement them, will render our vision of “To build a leading research, development and manufacturing enterprise in the field of the world-class LCD and TP” to be disappointedly an “unaccomplished task”. LD’s “Quality Month” activity will be a long-term and persistent course. In the future development, we will irregularly hold such activity, so that LD’s “Quality Month” activity can not only be a production technology-themed activity but also LD’s culture.     

The four Chinese characters of the core work for the “1st LD Quality Month” activity we hold are “提升品质”, which means “quality improvement”. 

To improve our ability of quality assurance and continuing improvement of technologies is crucial to “quality improvement”. The improvement of our quality management level is dependent on that of all our fellows and their personal quality, because the quality of a product can have a direct impact on the prospects of our cooperation with clients and their confidence in us. It also may directly affect our healthy development and expansion. In the automatic equipment industry with increasingly fierce competition, “anyone could become the leader”. In this new completion age, our LD people should keep learning and be accustomed to the “new” opinions, and should never have “old” concepts to tolerate defective materials and process. 

LD’s product quality is not a matter that one certain person should shoulder nor a task that one of our departments must be devoted to. Quality relates to almost all links from the raw material procurement to the delivery of finished products to clients, including negotiation of our business department, product design of our technology research and development department, training to staff by our administrative personnel department, product realization of our processing and manufacturing department, quality control of our quality testing department, supervision and management of our supervision and management committee, and the payoff payment by our finance department. Let’s say, all of these links are integral. Leveraging on this platform in the form of the “1st LD Quality Month” activity, we sincerely wish that our LD people should make thorough plans, take solid steps, and be committed to creating a strong atmosphere that everybody cares about quality, focuses on quality and participates in the product quality management. We should make steady progress, and work hard to strengthen our skills. Moreover, we should also be prepared for downfallhttp://dict.youdao.com/w/danger/ in times of prosperity and never feel conceited. We do believe that, only are LD people united as one could our vision be definitely accomplished. 

Last but not least, may the “1st LD Quality Month” activity be held successfully. Thank you!

31 October 2013