• Salary and benefit
    ★ Providing a package of salary and welfare benefit that are competitive in the industry;
    ★ Paying social insurance and housing provident fund (five insurances and one fund);
    ★ Providing accommodation with dorm equipped with air conditioners, color TV, warm heater, etc. 
    ★ Offering free work meals;
    ★ Enjoying various statutory holidays under the state laws (home leave, marriage and funeral leave, maternity leave, accompanying maternity leave, etc.)
    ★ Offering annual free physical examination for staff;
    ★ Providing staff with various recreation and other sports facilities, and holding various recreational activities that are both physically and mentally healthy, such as basketball, table-tennis and badminton. 
    ★ Handling procedures relating to residence migration and public record transfers for staff.

    [Employment guide]
    A、Applying flow:
      a、Email your personal resume to our special corporate email at hr@szLD.com specifying the title in the topic by “applying for XX position”; or apply online by filling in “personnel registration form of Shenzhen LD Automatic Equipment Company Limited by Shares”;
      b、Please fill in your frequently-used and valid contact ways, and wait for our email reply or telephone notification;
      c、We will contact those qualifying for employment application over office phone or via email or both, and make arrangement for office interview or otherwise;
      d、We will conclude the conditions of applicants’ face-to-face interview and tests to determine if the interview is qualified. For those passing the face-to-face interview, they are required to have a physical examination at a designated hospital;
      e、Those employed are to check in with us.
      Note: Any calling or visit will be rejected, and we will inform you of the interview if you fit the job. We will not reply to those who did not receive any interview notice, nor return the materials furnished by you, but we promise keep them confidential. 
    B、Notes for applying:
    Materials needed for face-to-face interview
    1)Originals of identity card, academic certificate, diploma, certificate of job title and other certificates;
    2)Detailed personal resume;
    3)Award certificates, personal works, etc.; 
    Materials required when checking in:
    Originals of all certificates and each copy thereof (certificates of graduation, diploma, certificate of job title, identity card and relevant proofs);
    Three 1-inch color photos in red background;
    3)Separation evidence of the former employer.

    C、Transportation guide:
    Railways, buses
    (to be provided)

    (to be provided)

    D、Contact address:
    Please contact us according to the information below:
    Shenzhen LD Automatic Equipment Company Limited by Shares
    Address: No. 68, Tongfudun Industrial Park, Dalang Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen
    Postal code: 518109
    Fax: 0755-33687807   Tel: 0755-33234975
    Corporate email: szLD@szLD.com